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by Caveman
19 Dec 2020, 09:47
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Topic: unrar: filename with German special characters
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Re: unrar: filename with German special characters

So here is what I know so far: export LANG=en_US.UTF-8 doesn't seem to help at all unrar in version 5.21 (the one my NAS comes with) doesn't have those problems unrar in version 5.70 (the one shipped with NZBget) seems to have problems with those characters Currently I don't know how to solve this ...
by Caveman
09 Mar 2016, 09:46
Forum: Extension scripts
Topic: Reverse Episode Filename
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Re: Reverse Episode Filename

Great ! I'm just intressed in the part were the garbled file is renamed to the dir name, and that works great. So thumbs up. The only thing that gave me some troubles was the first line in the script. For my syno the path to python is completely different, so i had to change it into the right path a...