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by hati39
03 Nov 2017, 20:21
Forum: Extension scripts
Topic: [Scan-Script] pfftn (formerly
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Re: [Scan-Script] pfftn (formerly

Hi and thanks for this script! Problem: Added about 600 nzbs to the queue, unrar downloads manually, sucks after 100+ files... Found this script, got python work, got script work (I'm still running win 7). Have still 450++ file collections with different pwds in the queue. How do I run the script on...
by hati39
14 May 2017, 14:43
Forum: Extension scripts
Topic: [Scan-Script] Get Categorie and Password from NZB Filename
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Re: [Scan-Script] Get Categorie and Password from NZB Filena

Hi, exactly what I need. However, I'm a stupid user. I browsed the docs and tried to understand the mechanisms. I understand, this is a shell script. I created a folder "scripts" in my nzbget main dir and dropped your file there. Do I have to install some unix shell to my Windows 7? The script is sh...