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by defcon_three
20 Dec 2018, 11:40
Forum: Extension scripts
Topic: [REQ] ISO extraction
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Re: [REQ] ISO extraction


I am also looking for a feature to "unpack" ISO files like NZBGet is doing it for RAR files.
Any ideas how to do this?
by defcon_three
14 Jan 2018, 12:02
Forum: Feature discussion
Topic: [New Feature] Unpack during downloading
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Re: [New Feature] Unpack during downloading

This is a really awesome feature. Thank you for implementing this, hugbug! I tested this feature and it is working fine. In my use case I will use this feature for an "instant streaming" of media files. E.g. I download a 30GB media file with 100 Mbit/s in 45min. Now I can instantly watch the file wi...