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by sean0
08 Jan 2019, 08:02
Forum: Extension scripts
Topic: [PP-Script] Move download directory to a new destination
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Re: [PP-Script] Move download directory to a new destination

Thanks for the script. So I can set a separate completed folder and So if append category is set to yes, will it use the paths I set in each category ? The category paths should be where I want the final copy to go to.
by sean0
18 Aug 2018, 09:38
Forum: Support
Topic: nzb file location
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nzb file location

Hi guys.

I'd like to know where nzb files are kept once they are used. I found the nzb files where it shows nzb.queued but I couldn't reuse this file even after changing the extension back to nzb.

Is there anywhere else where these files are kept so I can reuse them.