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by zaemon
24 Aug 2018, 08:31
Forum: Extension scripts
Topic: [Scan-Script] Add packed nzb-files to queue
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Re: [Scan-Script] Add packed nzb-files to queue

Thanks for this script.

As others I have the "gzipped" error message if though I'm trying to process a rar file. I'm running Windows 10.

Any thoughts?
by zaemon
24 Aug 2018, 08:28
Forum: Extension scripts
Topic: [Scan-Script] pfftn (formerly
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Re: [Scan-Script] pfftn (formerly

Thanks for the hard work put into this script. The problem I have with it is the following: the script processes every single file in the NZB directory even if the file does not have the .nzb extension. Example: I download a rared NZB. The rar file is processed. Then nothing happens because the rar ...