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by Merlincool
21 Apr 2021, 17:00
Forum: Extension scripts
Topic: [PP-Script] Transfer downl. Files to another Server/Folder
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Re: [PP-Script] Transfer downl. Files to another Server/Folder

sshpass -p '$NZBPO_Password' this doesn't work


sshpass -p 'my_real_password' works
by Merlincool
13 Feb 2020, 19:29
Forum: Extension scripts
Topic: [PP-Script] VideoSort - better video sorting
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Re: [PP-Script] VideoSort - better video sorting

Does this script has updates? Or can be updated?

Is it possible to grab episodes names from IMDb to pp file name? This would be great.
by Merlincool
13 Feb 2020, 12:50
Forum: Extension scripts
Topic: [Testing Script] Failure
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Re: [Testing Script] Failure

I have created bash script for post processing and It transfers my files on gdrive after its completion. I am using rclone for the same. I don't get pp successful on my log report, because I think I have done some mistake. I know the exit code is - exit 93. This is what I have done after my rclone c...
by Merlincool
04 Feb 2020, 07:29
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Topic: [PP-Script / Queue-Script] Notifications (All In One)
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Re: [PP-Script / Queue-Script] Notifications (All In One)

I am really not into linux. I am learning it since 1 year. I created bash script and gave it initiation from post-processing-script. My script runs well and it's mega upload script. I know there is something left to add my script at end, I have read that I need to add lines for postprocess complete ...