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by kloaknet
23 Jul 2014, 11:42
Forum: Support
Topic: Force Dupe check via RSS filter only
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Force Dupe check via RSS filter only

Hi all, Some time ago I had an issue with the DupeCheck option (via settings-> incoming nzbs): it did not allow me downloading a release that was already downloaded and was marked as SUCCESS, although it was some nasty passworded file inside an archive. It happened also for propers etc. So I simply ...
by kloaknet
23 Jul 2014, 11:02
Forum: Extension scripts
Topic: [PP-Script / Scan-Script] Automatically Fetch Subtitles
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Re: [PP-Script] Subliminal - Subtitles, faster than your tho

This is great guys! I were trying to get it working for 0.7.4 but with the limited python knowledge it's not that easy :) Working on the script, made me think about that it's often the case that when a file is released, the subtitles aren't there yet. They more likely appear within 12 hours. Delayin...