Setting an external par2 executable

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Setting an external par2 executable

Post by set » 22 Apr 2014, 18:04

I like nzbget a lot. It has a clear clean gui and is fast on my nas. But regarding par2 it isnt. With par2cmdline+tbb there is multithread support even for nas. It would be nice to allow to select between internal par2 and external par2 program. Multicore par2 is multiple times faster on my DS214play than single threaded par2.

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Re: Setting an external par2 executable

Post by hugbug » 22 Apr 2014, 20:05

NZBGet uses libpar2 and that gives it several advantages over other downloaders which rely on external par2cmdline. One of the feature is fast par-renaming. NZBGet detects intentionally renamed files and restores original file names within seconds eliminating the need for long par-verify step.

The verify is performed only if the download really needs repairing. If your downloads often need repairing may be you should look for better usenet provider or better indexing site?

Adding support for external par2 requires a substantial amount of work. I'm also demotivated by the fact that tbb-version works on x86 CPUs only whereas many NAS and most media players and other small devices are ARM or MIPS based.

The easiest for me would be just to use a multicore version of libpar2 if someone would care to create it out of par2cmdline_tbb (like someone has did with original libpar2 made from par2cmdline).

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Re: Setting an external par2 executable

Post by neilt0 » 22 Apr 2014, 21:22

I often do large par repairs for two reasons:

1) I often grab very old posts -- up to 5 years old -- even using 3 NSPs (2 as fill servers), there are often broken files.

2) I get large posts every day (40GB+) -- these can be slightly broken on all NSPs -- maybe two files have 1 block missing, for example.

If I see that par2lib is taking too long to repair, I will cancel the repair and repair using par2cmdline (multicore).

I use the following command:

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par2 r -m2048 upload.par2 *
That lets it use 2GB of RAM (I have 8GB on my NAS) and speeds things up a bit. It would be nice to have multicore repair within nzbget, but it's not the end of the world.

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