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Re: [New Feature] Android installer

Post by caponater » 17 May 2019, 03:36

hugbug wrote:
16 May 2019, 20:52
App 1.0 uses nzbget installer for Linux whereas app 2.0 uses nzbget installer for Android.
Therefore you are now running the general Linux version of nzbget. That's not bad though.
Would there be any advantage to using the App 1.0 installer to install the Linux version of nzbget (v21) and than overwriting the app 2.0 installer? I was hoping that the App 2.0 installer would be more stable in the background. I find that the App 1.0 works flawlessly (for my purposes) when I have the installer open, however when I have another app open, nzbget is more prone to stop running. I am assuming it is some type of resource management that stops other tasks that are taking up resources on my device?
hugbug wrote:
16 May 2019, 20:52
At the same location actually. Don't you find the file?
No, I cannot find the file. With the app 2.0, I see a linked "lib" file that I cannot open in data/data/net.nzbget.nzbget.
With app 1.0, I see a linked "lib" folder in data/data/net.nzbget.nzbget that contains libdaemon.so and libbusybox.so. I am able to edit this libdaemon.so

I am back on app 1.0 with v21 with the edited libdaemon.so file and is it workings like it has been previously.

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Re: [New Feature] Android installer

Post by fepahuwy » 25 Mar 2020, 17:32

I'm facing a similar issue.
/data/data/* is not accessible via adb shell, though I can see its contents with a filemanager app.

/data/data/net.nzbget.nzbget does not exists.

can anyone point me to the app's install location to edit lib*.so?

i'm trying to get extension scripts to work, but nzbget keeps reporting permission denied errors.

I have python for android2/3 installed, and tried to point to the binaries (downloaded seperately).

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