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[Feature Request] Selected items stats

Posted: 20 Jun 2017, 07:27
by kjKmcQN3
It would be nice to be able to get statistics for selected items, both on the Downloads and History pages. For example, if I were to select x items, it should tell me the combined size of those items.

This functionality could be useful in at least 2 use cases.
  • It would be very useful to know the combined size of selected active downloads, especially if one is running low on disk space. At present one can find the remaining amount to be dowloaded and the free disk space available through the Statistics and Status section. Adding this functionality would offer more granular control over active downloads.
  • At present, I can tell how much data I downloaded in a given month or year but if I wanted to know how much data I dowloaded in an arbitrary timeframe, say from May 10 - Jun 9, there is no way to get that information. If this functionality were added I could go to the History page, select all items of interest and get to know how much their combined size was. This would be especially useful for people on limited Internet plans.

Re: [Feature Request] Selected items stats

Posted: 20 Jun 2017, 11:03
by hugbug
For first - use button "Edit" on toolbar.

For second - when you bring volume statistics for a given month you get the stats for every day. If you really need the data for range "May 10 - Jun 9" you can sum the values manually; yes, not that much fun ;). I don't think you really need the stats for an arbitrary day range. On limited plans you probably need the stats for your current billing period. Set option "QuotaStartDay=10" (tip: use search on settings page) and the stat "This month" at the bottom of the volume statistics dialog will change into "Billing month" and will show the data from that day on (that would be Jun 10 - Jul 9).

Re: [Feature Request] Selected items stats

Posted: 20 Jun 2017, 12:08
by kjKmcQN3
Thanks hugbug. Didn't know about the "Edit" button workaround. I think it would still be nice to be able to click on a bunch of items and get the combined volume of the selection. A nice touch but by no means essential!

Re: [Feature Request] Selected items stats

Posted: 20 Jun 2017, 12:23
by hugbug
kjKmcQN3 wrote:
20 Jun 2017, 12:08
Didn't know about the "Edit" button workaround.
That's not a workaround but the intended use case.
Where the info should be shown otherwise, have you expected some kind of status bar, what was your idea?

Re: [Feature Request] Selected items stats

Posted: 12 Jul 2017, 20:02
by kjKmcQN3
Sorry for the delay in responding to this!

Maybe a bar on top on both the Downloads and History pages (like the one on the History page when you select all records) that would show up when you select items and state, for example, 24 records (120 GB of 290 GB) selected

This would allow you to do some interesting analysis, for example, you can now see how many items of a particular category you downloaded in a given time frame.