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[Feature Request] get password out of Name string

Posted: 05 Aug 2017, 13:02
by Stamic
Dear All,

I hope that I do not request this although it is already existing an I just did not realize it...
Please tell me if I missed something.

Currently I am downloading nzb files via search-indexer sites with the Chrome browser plugin nzbget-chrome.
Clicking the arrow icon puts the file to be downloaded into the nzbget queue with the cryptic name named as the header.
Because the files are password protected most of the time I enter the password in the post process dialogue and rename the downloaded file in the queue.

The board where I find the links to the indexer sites is offering the link the name and the password but also a conbinded string in the following format: Real-Name of the Content{{Password}}

Back in the times when I used Sabnzbd I was able to rename the downloded file in the queue in the webinterface and the name of the content was changed to the "Real-Name" and the password has been used for unpacking the rar-files automatically and the {{password}} has been cutted off.

Would it be possible to implement such a functionality in the webinterface (queue) of nzbget or is this maybe already existing?



Re: [Feature Request] get password out of Name string

Posted: 05 Aug 2017, 13:24
by hugbug
Real-Name of the Content{{Password}}
If the nzb-file has that name already you can use a scan-script to automatically extract password from the name -

If the nzb-name doesn't have password in it and you always need to change the name and password - do you ask for a function that would extract password the moment you rename in webui using that specific format string? That would require to do the same when scanning nzbs with names formatted this way. I'm afraid that may break some scripts.

Since you already use a chrome extension. The extension can set correct name and password when sending file to nzbget. Maybe you could ask the extension author to add special support for that indexer? If implemented you would be able to just click on link and the file would be added with correct name and password.

Re: [Feature Request] get password out of Name string

Posted: 05 Aug 2017, 15:12
by Stamic
Thank you very much for your reply.
Unfortunately the nzb file does not have the password in it so yes it would be exactly what you described be a function that works on the event of saving the new name in the webui.

Maybe in a future version there is a hook into this event in the api so there could be a script getting the information of the name, use those for the password setting and rename the webui entry again.

I will reach out to the developer of the browser extension maybe there is apossibility to deal with the clipboard where the "name{{password}}" is pre-stored and then can be handled to give the information to nzbget.