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Feature Request: Delay Timer Indicator and Delayed Override Button

Posted: 01 Dec 2017, 11:20
by get39678
I have a 60m delay configured. This is great for ensuring automatic processing works without a hitch but if I want to manually intervene and accept it may use a more expensive provider or fail it would be useful if:

1. Perhaps add something like "Delay (45m), "Delay (15m)" and "Delay (5m)" to the orange tag that appears in the Queue. This will give an indication of how long is left before the item is processed. Currently there is no indication of how long the delay is or how long is left for items in the Queue.

2. Allow the Delay to be overridden. Unless I have missed something the ability to force the item to be processed would be good. I have tried selecting the item and pressing the Resume button and this does not work.