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[Feature Request] Add Mark As Bad Action To Queue Items

Posted: 22 Feb 2019, 13:16
by get39678
If there is a chance an RSS Filter would be adding wrong items to the queue I configure so they get added as Paused this allows for mistakes to be manually corrected.

However correcting the mistakes is difficult as there is no Mark As Bad option available for Queue items so you have to delete the Paused item from the queue (several clicks), manually find the next best match in the History (several keypresses and clicks) and then select Download Again (several clicks and confusing as it wasn't downloaded in the first place) to get the item back to the Queue.

Having a Mark As Bad option available in the Queue item Action menu would send the Queue item to the History as Bad and then it would automatically select the next best match based on DupeScore just as marking an item in the History as Bad currently does.