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[Feature Request] Allow force priority selection of pp-queued items

Posted: 28 Jun 2019, 14:56
by CoffinCowboy
Version: v21.0 (Stable)
OS: Ubuntu 16.04
Post Processor: mp4_automator

Summary: I wish there was a way to change the priority of an item to "Force" that was sitting in the PP-Queue.

Use Case: I have a large queue (thousands) of items downloading from sonarr. All items pass through mp4_automator for post processing. Some items (XviD) take longer than others to post process. Because of that delay, downloading will continue at a pace that well surpasses the post process queue. Eventually, this leads to a full SSD disk that nzbget won't be able to write to. So occasionally, I will pause all downloads to allow the post process queue to catch up, and give time to sonarr to grab and move completed items to my library, freeing up more space for nzbget.

The problem is that fetching additional par files during post processing requires downloading not to be paused. One easy way around this would be to simply change the priority of all items in the post process queue to Force. That would keep the rest of the download queue on pause, while allowing the "PP-QUEUED" items to grab the additional par files they need to complete. But nzbget does not currently let me change the priority of items marked with a "PP-QUEUED" status. Perhaps this is by design and there's a perfectly good reason for this that I'm not aware of?