testing for network mount failure

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testing for network mount failure

Post by ACiD GRiM » 08 Mar 2015, 23:47

I'm rebuilding my usenet system and one thing that had become an issue is that when my NFS mount fails, nzbget seems to keep chugging away while all saved data fails to be written per the logs.

One possible feature could be to pause all downloads when a write failure has been detected and then periodically test write until the mount is reconnected and then resume.

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Re: testing for network mount failure

Post by hugbug » 09 Mar 2015, 10:17

That's difficult to implement because there are many places where it writes into disk and it has open file descriptors etc.

The easiest solution for you would be to extend the script which you use to start NZBGet to check if the NFS mount is available, before launching NZBGet.

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