Files not visible in windows

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Files not visible in windows

Post by mdex » 16 Apr 2015, 08:45


I have just started using my Pi as a usenet box with raspbian and an external HDD attached.

Any files downloaded with nzbget are visible through raspbian and my LG TV media browser when connecting my external HDD straight to it. I do have a problem when I connect my external HDD to a windows device. I've tried both a PC running Win 7 and a Laptop running 8 and I can see the folder structures but the sorted video folder is empty.

The files aren't hidden.

Any ideas?

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Re: Files not visible in windows

Post by Balward » 20 Apr 2015, 03:15

I would recommend looking at this guide: ... ge-device/

That way you wont need to unplug your drive from your raspberry pi and plug it into your computer, you can just make a shortcut on your windows desktop to the shared folder and access files that way.

I currently have mine set up this way and my pi also runs nzbget and couchpotato. I can access the files on my windows machine if needed through the network although I have another raspberry pi set up with OpenElec/Kodi for playback on my TV, which also accesses the files over the network. (With ethernet of course)

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