consistent RSS errors

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consistent RSS errors

Post by meatball » 29 May 2015, 01:35

Hi, starting with v14 I receive multiple errors from rss feeds throughout the day (some with codes, some simply "failed"). The feeds always work when I manually run them (had them set for awhile) and eventually will download if it missed a cycle or two. The logs say the same thing as the messages in the gui.

ErrNo 60, Operation timed out
TLS handshake failed
indexer xyz rss: failed ( I use 3 indexers, they all get these)
Could not resolve hostname ErrNo 0, Undefined error: 0 (again all 3 indexers get them)
Could not read from TLS-Socket: Connection closed by remote host

Sometimes it only occurs a small handful of times/day and others I'll get one or more throughout the day. There doesn't seem to be any particular pattern.

I'm on os x 10.10.3 and nzbget 15
Is there a debug version I can try that will give me more insight on the logs?

Any guidance would be very appreciated. Thanks much!

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