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Delete canceled files/nzb

Posted: 09 Oct 2008, 13:04
by fwyh

I compiled nzbget for Lenny on my Buffalo Linkstation and it works great! (I used to have hellanzb doing the job)

One little thing is missing: the files (in the destination directory) and nzbs (*.nzb.queued) are not deleted when I cancel a download through nzbgetweb.
The option in nzbget.conf allowing the cleaning up of nzb is set to yes though.

Is it implemented or did I miss something?

Best regards

Re: Delete canceled files/nzb

Posted: 09 Oct 2008, 13:25
by fwyh
I'm using latest stable, and by the way, completed nzb files (*.nzb.processed) files are not removed either.

For now, I'm using a script via cron which cleans the files/folders, but it would be great for this to be done by nzbget!

Re: Delete canceled files/nzb

Posted: 09 Oct 2008, 14:29
by hugbug
That's not implemented. Nzbget never deletes files from destination directory.
I could rework that, but is it really so important? ;)

With option "NzbCleanupDisk" nzbget deletes nzb-file only after successful download and par-check. If par-check is disables or failed, the file remains.

You can delete nzb-files from post-processing script instead of doing it via cron.

Re: Delete canceled files/nzb

Posted: 10 Oct 2008, 12:11
by fwyh

It's not that important, but if you get some spare time to implement automatic deletion of canceled files, it would be great! =)

Actually, I have the whole nzb search and download automated, then sometimes the queue can be filled with junk.
Then, I have to delete downloads myself, sad ;).

Thank you for your great work!

Re: Delete canceled files/nzb

Posted: 10 Oct 2008, 12:38
by hugbug
I was wondering why you need to delete downloads so often. Now I see :).
I'll add the automatic deletion.

Re: Delete canceled files/nzb

Posted: 10 Oct 2008, 13:46
by fwyh
Great news!

About nzb files, In my case these files are not removed when the download is finished, par-checked, and post processed; the option is enabled is the conf file.

Enough complaining!
I found the option wich pauses the server when par-checking or post-processing wonderful!
The NAS is downloading so fast now (~1MB/s with 20 connections, instead of ~300KB/s with hellanzb)

Nice software =)

Re: Delete canceled files/nzb

Posted: 11 Oct 2008, 17:40
by hugbug
Implemented in revision 238 (subversion).
New option DeleteCleanupDisk:
nzbget.conf wrote: # Delete already downloaded files from disk, if the download of nzb-file was
# cancelled (nzb-file was deleted from queue) (yes, no).
# NOTE: nzbget does not delete files in a case if all remaining files in
# queue are par-files. That prevents the accidential deletetion if the option
# <ParCleanupQueue> is disabled or if the program was interrupted during
# parcheck and later restarted without reloading of post queue (option
# <ReloadPostQueue> disabled).
To get the latest revision from subversion:

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svn co nzbget