Device or Resource busy error

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Device or Resource busy error

Post by Hammer » 17 Sep 2017, 15:03

First time poster.

Recently moved from SABnzbd to NZBGet because I was having a lot of problems with SAB. Installed on Ubuntu 16.04 via the method listed in the documentation

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sh --destdir /path/to/install/nzbget
I've not been able to successfully download a file yet. The error I'm getting currently is

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Could not open file /mnt/Ringo/Downloads/Incomplete/Megan.Leavey.2017.BluRay.720p.H264-20-40-Obfuscated.#3/348.out.tmp: Device or resource busy
Its downloading to a folder on a FreeNAS Share that I've mounted to the Ubuntu 16.04 VM. SAB had no issues writing to the drive and Sonarr and Radarr have no issue on the drive either.

Not sure whats causing this.

Also as a side question, is it normal for it to generate thousands of messages in minutes? Seems kind of spamming.

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