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Re: NZBget for Synology

Post by vcrnzb » 06 May 2019, 23:46

Hi, new here and to Synology and NZBGet. I have Sonarr and NZBGet working inside of Docker on my DS918+ but when I view the web gui for NZBGet, it doesn't show when files are downloading, as well as the history. Can someone help me with this?

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Re: NZBget for Synology

Post by nada » 27 Oct 2019, 23:15

Hi all

I have a few questions here, hope this old thread is still monitored (it's a very helpful thread):

1) Following the postet guide a few pages back by al3x the changing of the user via su - nzbget always gives me a "permission denied" error, even as root. Any ideas? I followed this guide a few years back and it worked fine, but no longer.

2) Been using docker container the last few years, but am under the impression my limited dl speed (max 30 MB/s instead of 100) is due to docker, (have followed the performance guide, separate "incomplete" folder for extract etc. already) so I want to migrate back to native install for testing.
Would it be possible to use existing "dockeruser" instead of "nzbget" as a user and "dockergroup" as group, it would save a world of pain when interfacing with the other components. Does anybody know the necessary adjustments before installing nzbget?


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