Inappropriate ioctl for device error

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Inappropriate ioctl for device error

Post by idmonfish » 16 Apr 2018, 13:32

So I am a new user of NZBget - trying to convert over to it. So far love the interface etc.

I have recently gotten a QNAP NAS - And I am trying to get NZBget running on this. I initially installed the QPKR and it was smooth sailing, configured Sonarr and Radarr and stuff started coming in, and downloading successfully - it was wonderful. For the first 8 downloads. After that it stopped working and each download which completed ceased with the error message “space” during the unrar process.

I checked the drive this was on but there is 3 tb free so space is clearly not the issue. I got to googling and found this helpful site. From that I figured out how to get into the error logs and found that unrar was throwing up “error code 5” - I read that this could be that the pathing for unrar wasn’t specified correctly so I installed unrar directly and pointed the unrar CMD at that.
And I got a new message -
unrar: inappropriate ioctl for device
unrar: program aborted
unrar: error code: 5

So I am now not sure what to do or how to fix this? am I best to start over? Try again but with NZBget in a container?

Basically - help!

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Re: Inappropriate ioctl for device error

Post by hugbug » 16 Apr 2018, 15:04

I don't know what QPKR is and how it is.
It seems the unrar you use isn't compatible with your device. To find a proper unrar and test it on your device from terminal (before using it in nzbget).

Alternatively you can install nzbget by downloading it from nzbget web site and following the linked installation instructions. That version is known to work on most devices.

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Re: Inappropriate ioctl for device error

Post by carlson23 » 21 Dec 2018, 02:35

Were you able to figure this out? I am currently have the same issue

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Re: Inappropriate ioctl for device error

Post by rapgett » 08 Feb 2019, 01:59

I am having this same issue with my Synology NAS.

It seems to be linked to the file size, and unrar not being able to handle files over 5GB. However, I've not found a clear solution.


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Re: Inappropriate ioctl for device error

Post by dypml » 13 Feb 2020, 16:00

Same here, i installed it on NAS and facing same issue... any ideas on how you guys solved it ?

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