encryption problem

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encryption problem

Post by moooep » 29 May 2018, 16:08


i use nzbget on ubuntu. i have installed getpw.py already but it doesnt work.
i dont even get a log that ut tries to use the script.

can anybody help me with that?

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Re: encryption problem

Post by hugbug » 29 May 2018, 16:30

What is getpw.py?

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Re: encryption problem

Post by Mr-Flummi » 26 Jun 2018, 08:40

Hello moooep,

my wife and I, we use the script "Getpw.py" for a long time on our computer. We use Debian GNU / Linux 9 Stretch. We have no problems with any encryption.

But what I noticed recently, with my mother on her laptop, she also uses Debian GNU / LInux 9 Stretch, all of a sudden suddenly the script "Getpw.py" does not work anymore. I myself have no idea what it can be. I had to change her on the laptop first on SABnzbd. Maybe I will find a solution to the problem at some point.

The settings are identical for her and me. The python packages are also installed the same. I compared it later. Somehow there's the worm inside. No password in an NZB file in the curly brackets {{password}} is recognized and thus no automatic unpacking possible.

Maybe you have already solved your problem with you?

Best regards

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