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Re: Failed downloads

Post by darkhomb » 14 Jun 2018, 01:30

This was's reply
All posts are not xpost, but a lot will be - because a lot of usenet isn't indexable by the original means.

If nzbget is choking on a segment that doesn't exist, tell them to reach out to me or sabnzbd developers, because it should not have issues with a segment that isnt there.
That link you provided is sortof correct. We could do this in many different ways, but it's easiest to insert fake segments. As that post identified, sabnzbd ignored the failed segments and went on with its business. I'd ask that the nzbget guys, do the same--as we're not the only indexer doing it.

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Re: Failed downloads

Post by hugbug » 14 Jun 2018, 08:43

The problem here is that now when they know that everyone knows about faked segments they may change their identification system. Then I would need to catch up as it's obvious that they don't care about compatibility with nzbget and haven't tested with it before releasing their system.

I suggest users who want to use that indexer to write an extension script to cleanup their nzbs before adding to queue.

I'm not aware of any other indexer adding fake articles in a way making downloads fail.

They should provide par2-files like every decent poster does. That would solve all issues.

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