Securing NZBGet ?????

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Securing NZBGet ?????

Post by BigKay » 20 Oct 2018, 10:27

All I want to do is secure my connection to my provider, UseNetServer. There seems to be ALOT you can do and it is all quite confusing;

Settings > Paths … CertStore ???
Settings > NewsServer … Server1.Encryption & Sevrer1.Cypher ???
Settings > Security … the whole section ???

Just want to secure my connection to UseNetServer and work via HTTPS. I think that's all I need ???

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Re: Securing NZBGet ?????

Post by NexusBender » 19 Nov 2018, 16:39

Generally, I think you should be able to just set the option in the configuration for the server (the 2nd item in your list). Just set the encryption dialog, and leave the cipher dialog alone if you don't know what you are doing(just like it says under it).

The first item in your list(Certstore) is, I think, more for Linux/Macs than Windows, but you know sometimes you connect to a web site and you get a warning about it's certificate not being trusted or from an untrusted issuer? That file contains the list of trusted issuers(that's a simplification, but close enough), so that NZBGet will connect securely. In short, don't worry about this setting if aren't having an issues connecting when you toggle the server encryption checkbox. If your usenet provider was self signing it's cert or using some weird cert issuer (they don't afaik), then you'd need to do something here to make a secure connection work.

The bottom option is for enabling secure connections to NZBGet's webUI with NZGBet's own internal web server, in context of your question, not what you are interested in at all. If you wanted to access NZBGet's interface over https, that's what these settings are for. Don't mess with them.

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