Stalling of Downloads not related to network

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Stalling of Downloads not related to network

Post by ryangurn » 18 Dec 2018, 07:42

I am attempting to download some NZB files from two different newshosts. I am not able to get any connection to download. Upon attempting to check networking it appears that all is correct and that it intermittently goes into the following mode where the download shows 0kb and --h--m in the top left corner with the download status. Forcing a download will not help, refreshing does not help, updating does not help, restarting the program/computer does not help.

Please take a look at the below screenshot of the download status as attached.
In addition if there are steps to attempt to troubleshoot what is going on with this I would love to get some support with this moving forward.

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Re: Stalling of Downloads not related to network

Post by hugbug » 18 Dec 2018, 08:32

You should check messages tab.

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