Upgrading UnRar.exe to 5.61

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Upgrading UnRar.exe to 5.61

Post by DeeBee » 30 Dec 2018, 21:33

Hi All,

I have searched the forum and have only been able to find reference to the issue I have been having in Linux rather than Windows

I have been having issues with unpacking some RAR files that come from a particular source that always uses the latest version of rar to compress files.

I am using NZBget 20 which has UnRar version 5.50, and I have downloaded WinRAR 5.61 (x64) and can unpack the files successfully manually with the newer version

and so to the question

can I just drop the 64bit UnRar.exe into the nzbget directory to be able to unpack the troublesome files? has anyone had experience of this? If so, will 64bit be fine or do I need to download the 32bit binary?

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Re: Upgrading UnRar.exe to 5.61

Post by hugbug » 30 Dec 2018, 22:09

You can set path to you own version of unrar.exe via option UnrarCmd. Or you can replace the existing unrar.exe with other one but it will be replaced with stock one on next nzbget update.

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