Failed downloads still post process

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Failed downloads still post process

Post by TheStapler » 25 Jan 2019, 05:42

I have been having a strange issue lately, I get a lot of failed downloads, which is fine (well, not really, but whatever). But my issue ends up that they still post process, and even though they are marked as failed, they are being imported into sonarr.

I have the "Health CHeck" set to "Delete", which I thought would fix the issue, but it is still happening.

the failed files still kinda play mostly, but they need to be redownloaded to work proper.

Not sure what I am missing, but it is starting to get annoying. Not sure if it is this, sonarr, or my newsgroup provider, but the second download has so far never been an issue, and the failures aren't for every file... which is why I am here now :(

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