NZBGet on QNAP NAS broken after firmware update

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NZBGet on QNAP NAS broken after firmware update

Post by Boardyboy1979 » 23 Mar 2019, 23:40

NZBget (Clinton Hall) stopped working after the upgrade to QTS (1 MAR 2019). There was no start or stop button, only remove. It didn't appear to be running. The webgui wouldn't load, I got a blank page that never loaded.... just endless spinning.

I rolled the firmware back to the Dec 2018 but still couldn't get either to work.

I removed it and then installed QNZBGet. When I open QNZBGet I get the same thing... the webgui just won't load.... just endless spinning.

I reinstalled NZBGet (Clinton Hall)... but I think now I'm missing directories within .qpkg/NZBGet.

The directory only contains:

The new QNAP firmware appears to be renaming to and setting ENABLED to FALSE in the qpkg.conf.

I was able to rename back to
I executed chmod 755 so that it didn't rename on restart of the NAS
I edited /etc/config/qpkg.conf and changed ENABLED from FALSE to TRUE.

It's still not working for me though.

I wonder if I need to do something with the file which seems to be 0Bytes..... and if that's meant to create a bin/ folder or something.....

I downloaded and copied it into the .qpkg/NZBGet folder alongside the file.
I installed it using "sh" but it installed into .qpkg\NZBGet\nzbget.

Any idea how to install it without creating the extra nzbget folder?

Please note when I uninstall NZBGet and install QNZBGet it looks like it's running. It's enabled in the /etc/config/qpkg.cfg. The file is still named The folder structure looks how I think it should. It looks normal in App Manager. But when I try to open the webgui in a broswer it just sits there spinning and nothing loads.

I am able to telnet to port 6789. It just seems as though there's nothing serving the actual pages to the browser. When I execute a curl http://localhost:6789 from a putty session it sits there with no response until eventually I press CTL+C.

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