Intermidiate Download Folder Not Working For RSS Feed

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Intermidiate Download Folder Not Working For RSS Feed

Post by martynmbc » 20 Jun 2019, 00:03


I am brand new to NZBGet and wondering why it took me so long to move away from torrents!

I pretty much have everything working as expected on my unRAID server running NZBGet as a docker except when downloading movies from an RSS Feed they download in the destination folder in a subfolder called _unpack When the file is completed it then removed the _unpack folder and sits in the directory expected. Is there a reason RSS does not use the intermidiate directory that gets used when downloading through lidarr/sonarr/radarr etc?

This is causing an issue for me as I have an automatic handbrake docker encoding movies in the destination folder but it is detecting the incomplete movies instead.

Many Thanks!

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Re: Intermidiate Download Folder Not Working For RSS Feed

Post by hugbug » 20 Jun 2019, 07:57

It always works this way regardless of where nzb-files come from; nothing RSS special here.

You should configure your postprocessing tools to not touch files in _unpack-directory. Another possibility is to use pp-script VideoSort to move finished files into another directory, which is watched by your processing tool, and remove the original destination directory from monitoring.

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