Stuck on either Unpacking or "Repairing Completed but files still damaged"

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Stuck on either Unpacking or "Repairing Completed but files still damaged"

Post by jacksongls » 19 Jul 2019, 20:27

While music or book files download successfully, any video files get either completely stuck on Unpacking or fail because "repairing completed but the data files still appeared to be damaged".

If it stalls on unpacking, as soon as unpacking phase starts the progress bar completely stalls and the server terminal just stops on "Unrar version 5.0 whatever copywrite whoever" and nothing ever happens and I have to stop the download.

If repair fails, the file just moves over to failed and gives the error about it being completed but still damaged.

One of these happens, every single time, no matter what. Using good servers and top indexers.

Hugbug, I know you've said that's a sign of a bad drive, but this drive seems to be working just fine (ie saving anything else to it). I'm wondering if it's something else. I read somewhere else that error was a bug in ParPar 0.2.2, maybe that's it?

This is a new project for me, trying to set up a downloading client on a raspberry pi 4 4gb with Nzbget, Sonarr and Radarr, all sending files over ethernet gigabit to an Nvidia Shield with an external harddrive.

Do I have the wrong NZBGet version installed? Settings wrong? Or wrong version of Unrar? What's up with the repairing error? Do I need to wipe the Raspberry and start from scratch? Or do I really need to get a new external hard drive for the Shield?

NZBGet Configs =
Download Log 1 (unpack fail) =
Download Log 2 (repair fail) =

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Re: Stuck on either Unpacking or "Repairing Completed but files still damaged"

Post by hugbug » 20 Jul 2019, 19:22

In the second log the files were checked during downloading and they all had correct checksums - no download errors occurred. Yet during par-check the files were validated again (read from disk and checksums calculated again) and there were a lot of errors. That means the files were not written properly into disk. That's a very clear indication of hardware issue.

RPi works on full CPU load when downloading and requires good cooling. Do you have a good heat sink? Do you have a very good power supply? These are more likely issues than drive failure, which is also possible of course.

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