Method to automatically re-encode video downloads?

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Method to automatically re-encode video downloads?

Post by ssl-3 » 28 Aug 2019, 03:37

Hi. I tried searching the forum (and the greater Google) and fell short of things that seemed promising. If this isn't the right forum, please let me know.

I've got very limited bandwidth at home, but do have remote access to a reasonably-quick machine with fantastic bandwidth that I can do anything I want with.

In order to be efficient for my needs, I'd like to use this remote machine to handle some of the downloading that I do with nzbget and automatically re-encode those things to x265 so that I can collect them more-efficiently over my slow connection.

Does anyone have a good place to start with getting nzbget (principally in conjunction with sonarr) to accomplish this?

In an ideal world: nzbget gets an mkv via an nzb and immediately passes it through a re-encode process. This process does its thing, cleans up the mess, and leaves an x265-encoded file on a disk. *After* that, nzbget returns the download as successful to its overseer(s).

(More background: I've already got my automation things set to strongly prefer x265 and similar, but most of the content that I'm after isn't posted that way so that's been mostly ineffective for me. The remote system is Linux-based, but I can run whatever operating systems I want on it in VMs, or whatever else I choose in containers. I'm already familiar with much of the normal automation stuff and don't need think I help with that; I also don't need or want help with figuring out how to reliably transfer the files once they're re-encoded.

And yes: I recognize that re-encoding existing media to a lower bitrate and/or different format is a crime against humanity. These items are only for me, and only then for content that can stand substantial reductions in quality. I'm also not in a hurry: If it takes some time to fully download and then re-encode and then transfer that re-encoded media, that's perfectly fine by me as long as it happens eventually.

I can wrangle ffmpeg command lines as-needed and hack around with perl and python [and bash and awk and sed] and can certainly come up with a solution on my own. I'm just looking to avoid duplicating effort by seeing if anyone else has suggestions for an existing body of work before I potentially re-invent a wheel here.)

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

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Re: Method to automatically re-encode video downloads?

Post by hugbug » 28 Aug 2019, 14:11

Pp-script (collection) nzbToMedia (forum topic, github home) has options to re-encode videos (via ffmpeg). The script is huge though.

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