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Extra directory added to completed downloads

Posted: 03 Dec 2019, 01:46
by rosh
I'm having some issues with obfuscated files ending up in an obfuscated completed directory. This is causing import problems from radarr. Radarr requires a year in either the folder name or file itself.

The completed output from nzbget looks like this:

This causes issues. If I move the obfuscated files up a directory, directly under the properly named directory, Radarr picks this up fine:

I can't seem to find a setting within Nzbget that controls this behavior.

Re: Extra directory added to completed downloads

Posted: 09 Dec 2019, 07:17
by hugbug
NZBGet creates a directory with nzb-name and put all downloaded files there, extracting them if they were compressed. If you have a strange directory name it is either from nzb-name or it was inside archive.