Endless Failure Loop...

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Endless Failure Loop...

Post by pctweakz » 29 Dec 2019, 21:58

Hello! It appears my NZBGET has been in an endless failure loop where it attempts to parse a file every single minute for months now.

It will attempt to add article to collection then error as parsing - cannot find path. It is a file that has been deleted long ago. There are about 34,000 failures, due to it constantly trying and failing.

I can not find a way to make it stop. Does anyone have any idea on how I can clear this from it's memory and have it stop attempting to work on a file that no longer exists?

Error from Log on one of the 34,000 entries in history of failures, all the same:
Error parsing nzb-file *********************** : The system cannot find the path specified.

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Re: Endless Failure Loop...

Post by hugbug » 31 Dec 2019, 22:48

Looks like there is a file in the NzbDir which nzbget cannot rename to ".failed" and therefore parses it over and over. Try changing NzbDir to another (new) directory.

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