Post-Processing freezes randomly

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Post-Processing freezes randomly

Post by Uleepera » 04 Jan 2020, 18:47


I have an Unraid server that I recently did a bunch of hardware upgrades to. There were a few system issues as well as some data issues afterwards. I got to a point where I decided to wipe almost all my dockers (NZBGet included) and start from scratch. Prior to the issues everything was working perfectly.

I reinstalled NZBGet and it tested all connections perfectly. Its received processing requests with no issues. Last night I went to sleep and it has queued up aprox 50 files to process. I woke up this morning to find that it had downloaded everything and post-processed maybe four 4 before it just sat there "Unpacking". It has no estimated time for processing and looks essentially frozen. I looked through the logs and don't see anything indicating its stuck. I eventually restarted the docker and poof it chewed through everything pretty fast. Then it queued up a couple more files to download and as I was watching it download and process it eventually stopped the post process but continued downloading on all the files until everything from a download standpoint was finished.

Any idea what could cause this or what settings/logging i should be looking at? Everything seems perfectly functional.

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Re: Post-Processing freezes randomly

Post by hugbug » 14 Jan 2020, 23:58

Do you use binhex container? It’s known to have issues on unraid.

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