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Items stuck in Processing when Sending E-mail, Other Items PP-Queued

Posted: 08 Jan 2020, 01:17
by zip
nzbget will sporadically get stuck at the "processing" phase with an indication that it's "sending e-mail" after post-processing. Other items in queue will line up behind it with status "PP-Queued" and will not continue until the item attempting to send an email completes. If I cancel post-processing on that item, it goes into history as failed and the next item completes as it should and fires an e-mail notification. I can then post-process the failed item again, which then completes as expected and also now sends an e-mail notification.

E-mail notifications are set up correctly and work, but for some reason nzbget hangs from time to time.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Haven't found anything in the forums, github, or reddit to help. I basically either have to turn off email notifications OR check nzbget every few days to make sure it's not stuck.