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Download showing "Delete: Good" status

Posted: 09 Jan 2020, 17:02
by MbN2895
I've been using NZBGet for several years and have been very happy with it. Recently I've noticed with a couple TV series that when I try to download an episode through Midusa it doesn't download anything. Instead I find a record in the History that shows the status as "Good". This seems to happen for all the episodes for that show.

If I select the history link, it opens a window and shows Status as "Delete: Good". I can select Download Again from the Actions dropdown and it will download just fine. This is happening with a new series that I've never downloaded in the past and have never had any of the episodes on my computer, so I'm confused as to why this is happening and wondering what I can do to resolve it.


Re: Download showing "Delete: Good" status

Posted: 14 Jan 2020, 23:55
by hugbug
The duplicate identification information is messed up for that nzbs. Click on any of them, then on button Dupe. Check duplicate keys. If different episodes have the same duplicate key that's a problem.

Usually duplicate information is filled automatically when using RSS in nzbget. Nzbs added manually or from other apps usually miss duplicate info and no check is performed then. It seems your app is trying to be smart and supplies some duplicate info to nzbget. That info is however incorrect.