First day using Linux (Ubuntu) everything is confusing.

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First day using Linux (Ubuntu) everything is confusing.

Post by Zugwig » 17 Apr 2020, 19:02

Hey, i thought it would be a fun time to learn something new so i picked up a copy of ubuntu and put it on an old PC i had lying about.

Problem is i have no idea what the hell is going on.

I'm trying to install NZBget and i think its installed but i'm unable to get to the webhost and when i try typing /nzbget commands into the terminal nothing happens.

could anyone help me out with this i know its fairly simple but ive spent like 6hrs today trying to get even the basic things done and my head hurts haha.

Thank you.

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Re: First day using Linux (Ubuntu) everything is confusing.

Post by hugbug » 18 Apr 2020, 12:46

When typing nzbget commands you must type the full path to nzbget-binary. For example "/home/user/nzbget/nzbget -s". If you are already in the directory containing nzbget binary you can use dot "." as a reference to current directory. For example "./nzbget" will execute "nzbget" from current directory.

If that doesn't help try to read some Linux tutorials or books.

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