Anyway to force processing during download time?

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Anyway to force processing during download time?

Post by podman » 23 Apr 2020, 10:15

Getting to grips with NZBGet after having previously been a SAB user. I swapped simply because eI was told NZBGet would be less processor hungry.

Initially I had an issue with downloads not being auto repaired, could not find the issue so I just deleted the docker image and started again, with exactly the same settings, all worked as expected.

The only issue I have now is that when I give NZBGet a list fo file sot grab, it appears to grab them a tiny bit faster than SAb did but it ends up with a lot fo the files sat labelled PP-Queued, it doe process them but appears to take longer overall to get the files, processionals them and then unpack the. Is there a way to force the system to auto unpack as it goes along? It honest appear to.

Just to confirm again. My setup is as follows

Synology DS1019+
Docker image from Linux io
6GB ram assigned to the container with no processor limitations
Seperate drives attached to the intermediate and final destinations

Anyway I can improve the processing? SAB seemed to do it all in one go and not queue things up for processing and unpacking later.

Thanks for reading!

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