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How to setup PATHS on Windows ?

Posted: 26 Apr 2020, 18:57
by Vaako

I have setup NZBGet to use main dir and some forders on my D: drive.
However for what reason the downloads never showing up in the path where i'm pointing to.
Can someone tell me what I have done wrong ?

MainDir = D:\-=[NZBGetMainDir]=- (This path works)
DestDir = D:\-=[NZBGet_Downloads]=- (downloads do not come here)
InterDir = D:\-=[NZBGet_intermediate]=- (failing downloads appears here)
TempDir = D:\-=[NZBGet_Temp]=- (nothing happen here)

Thanks in advance !

Re: How to setup PATHS on Windows ?

Posted: 30 May 2020, 15:32
by Vaako
Realy not one reply.

Damn, what a GREAT support forum !

Re: How to setup PATHS on Windows ?

Posted: 29 Nov 2020, 22:45
by blademan
This is what I set, with an SSD for C:, and HDD for D:
  • MainDir: C:\NZBGet
  • DestDir: D:\nzbget
  • NzbDir: C:\Users\me\Downloads
I left everything else unchanged, and works well.

Re: How to setup PATHS on Windows ?

Posted: 24 Jan 2021, 21:24
by PSA9
blademan from my experience NZBGet is more popular from Linux.
I am converting my script that works on linux to also work on Windows and this is how i have mine setup.

MainDir = C:\Users\PSA9\Downloads
DestDir = ${MainDir}\Complete

Code: Select all

${MainDir}\Complete and C:\Users\PSA9\Downloads\Complete is the exact same path
InterDir = ${MainDir}\Incomplete
NzbDir = C:\Users\PSA9\Dropbox\NZB
QueueDir = ${MainDir}\Incomplete\_Queue
TempDir = ${MainDir}\Incomplete\_Temp
ScriptDir = C:\Users\PSA9\Dropbox\_Docker\NZBGet\Scripts

I would confirm that the path exist and that you have write permissions.