"Cancelling hanging download" Issue

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"Cancelling hanging download" Issue

Post by tejasgadhia » 06 May 2020, 03:58


I'm new to NZBGet, coming from Sabnzbd, and for the life of me I can't seem to find a solution to the problem I have.

Randomly I'll get 1000s of messages, can see from the screenshot with the file name blacked out. The download doesn't complete and my queue gets stuck.

Things I've tried based on what I've found online:
Turning SSL on and off for the Newshosting config
Limiting Download speed to 30 MB/s (I'm on 1000/1000 connection)
Adding multiple servers for Newshosting in a group (US = 20, EU = 10, NL = 10 connections)
ArticleTimeout, tried it on 60 and 120 seconds
ArticleInterval, at 10 seconds
Tried activating ParPauseQueue, UnpackPauseQueue, and ScriptPauseQueue
Set up the Completion.py extension script.

But none of these things have solved my problem. Never had any issues like this on Sabnzbd, so I dont think its the news servers, but must be something in my config. I've included my conf file here: https://pastebin.com/raw/UWHgk0yp

The only way to temporarily fix the issue is to go to Settings > System > Reload, and that seems to work for a short while, then it happens again.

Newshosting Unlimited Account, Usenet.Farm Block Account
Linuxserver's Docker Image
Ubuntu Server 18.04
Download paths are all on a CIFS mounted drive
Machine is connected via hardwire, so no wireless issues.
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