VideoSort/NZBGet: Removing dash/hyphen from nzb-name

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VideoSort/NZBGet: Removing dash/hyphen from nzb-name

Post by Dunn3r » 10 May 2020, 06:28

So i've been fiddling around with getting my naming right after the downloads are being processed. I've installed VideoSort and set it to use the NZB-name for renaming as the filenames itself usually have obscure names. The problem I encounter is that my NZB names have the following format


This results in VideSort determing the showname as 'Show-Name' and not 'Show Name'. So it does not replace the hyphen with a space as set in my series format:

%sN /%sN S%0sE%0e %qss

I've going back and forth and trying alot of different settings, formatting types and/or looking online but cant figure out how to get those hyphen's correctly removed and replaced by a space. Any idea's would be much appreciated.

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