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Help with renaming / VideoSort - %dn/%dn.ext

Posted: 06 Jun 2020, 15:19
by XoboWaj
Hey there. Another day, another thread about renaming / and-or VideoSort.

I'm simply trying to use VideoSort to rename all the files, the same as the NZB files name.


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And then remove everything that isn't a .mkv, .nfo, .idx, .sub and .rar file. Like remove .jpg files, remove '*sample*', '*duplicate.rar*', etc.

I've tried using the

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, but that only works properly if the downloaded file names are different from the NZB name, e.g. if the files are named something obscure like "OIDJfadouf8ad98h.mkv", "oaidjfMAkf.nfo" and so on. Else it'll just look like this (edited log):

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It'll return:

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VideoSort: Destination path equals filename  - return None
And then it'll say like this: VideoSort: none

Other info:
My VideoExtensions are set to the defualt values:

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My SatelliteExtensions are set to this:

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I hope I make any sense. Basically I just want to name everything as the NZB-files original name, but get rid of everything that isn't .mkv, .rar, .sub, .idx and .nfo.