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RPM Packaging for NZBGet for Fedora 30+ and CentOS/Redhat 8

Posted: 08 Sep 2020, 18:49
by l2g
I tried to share this info on /r/usenet but it got down voted into oblivion. Since it took me several hours to build an entire RPM suite for NZBGet with extensions, I figured I'd try just passing the announcement here too.

@HugBug please feel free to delete/move this post if this isn't the right spot for it.

You basically just have to connect to my repository (Nuxref);

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# Visit for the latest instructions
# but otherwise...:

# CentOS/Redhat/OracleLinux v8.0 Users:
sudo rpm -Uhi

# Fedora Users:
sudo rpm -Uhi$VER.nuxref.noarch.rpm
CentOS 8 users will need to connect to EPEL:

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# EPEL Hookup
sudo dnf install -y epel-release
Then install what you need:

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# nzbget
sudo dnf install -y nzbget

# These are the extensions i've packaged already for it that work right out of
# the gate:
sudo dnf install -y \
   nzbget-script-videosort \
   nzbget-script-notify \
   nzbget-script-dirwatch \

# Once installed, the plugins will just show up in you NZBGet settings - it's that easy
There is better (and more detailed) instructions here, but the above pretty much sums it up.

If you want me to add more extensions built as RPMs, just let me know. Please keep in mind they must work in Python v3.