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NZBGet gets stuck unpacking until restarted?

Posted: 31 Oct 2020, 08:12
by Ocman76
Just got a new server set up and moved over NZBGet, transferred settings from the last install on the previous server. Whenever I queue up some NZB's the first one downloads and then stops at unpacking, preventing any other NZB's in the queue from finishing. If I exit NZBGet and restart, boom everything completes post processing fine. But the issue keeps coming back over and over, even after restarting the entire server and unpausing downloads/post processing. Here is a screenshot of the post processing stuck, and the last message from NZBGet:
Error Pic 1.jpg
Error Pic 2.jpg
I'm running the latest version of NZBGet (21.0) on the latest build of Windows Server 2019. Looks like this may be an issue that other users have experienced, see this post from all the way back in April 2020: ... ing#p22864.

Any suggestions before I clean reinstall NZBGet?

Re: NZBGet gets stuck unpacking until restarted?

Posted: 07 Nov 2020, 06:10
by Ocman76
Solution for anyone who has this same issue: I uninstalled NZBGet and then reinstalled it as a service. This has fixed the issue! :D