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Slow download speeds with new ISP

Posted: 18 Nov 2020, 02:49
by sumofatguy
I just switched from cable (750mbit) to fibre (1gbit) on different ISP's. Since the switch, all nzbget downloads dropped from 75-85 MB/s down to 10-12MB/s, with no changes to the computer I'm downloading on or the servers I'm connecting to. All other downloads (ie torrents) download at the expected speeds, >75-85MB/s. All downloads (torrents and nzbget) are downloaded to an NVMe drive which has not changed since the switch. I'm using ~36 connections to usenetserver, which also hasn't changed. Any idea as to why I'm seeing such a decrease in speeds?

Re: Slow download speeds with new ISP

Posted: 21 Nov 2020, 07:54
by pereira2010
I always have a performance degradation with the speed when torrenting at the same time as downloading binaries... So try to disconnect from the torrent client to verify whether that could be the issue? I cannot do both at the same time otherwise NZBGet's speed drops to a few Mb/s... QBittorrent is terrible as it tends to absorb all the bandwidth leaving a few Mb/s for NZBGet