Tweak/NewsHosting ErrNo110 timeouts on new container

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Tweak/NewsHosting ErrNo110 timeouts on new container

Post by smee » 15 Jan 2021, 14:05

Using Synology DSM latest, Docker, linuxserver/nzbget:latest

So up to now I've been using multiple different containers and no stacks for my NZBget/*arr/watchtower goodness, and it's working fine. Then I discovered the joys of docker-compose, so went about setting up a new stack. I set the network, set the subnet and gateway for all the containers in the stack to be the same, they deploy nicely.

Sonarr connection tests are successful to NZBget, it connects to my indexers, searches work and reports are sent to NZBget.

NZBget then attempts to download the received reports, but even with all news-server settings being the same (and everything else as far as I can tell having multiple-checked loads of times now) returns ErrNo110 timeouts on both news servers. They still return successful tests in the individual container I've been using up to now, but not in the stack container.

I've not found anything online which seems to have had this same issue (the other ErrNo 110 topics on this site seem to be people not using an actual news server) so any help/suggestions I could chase on this would be great.

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