Download succes, but file corrupt

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Re: Download succes, but file corrupt

Post by hugbug » 15 May 2021, 20:15

If quick check reports file is OK but full check finds a lot of bad blocks this means the downloaded data were not written correctly into disk. This is most likely a hardware issue. RPi is known for issues if power supply isn't perfect or the cooling isn't good enough.

If you don't remember how NZBGet was installed, then for a test install it into a separate directory using installer from download page. Try how it works with this version. You can delete it later easily.

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Re: Download succes, but file corrupt

Post by ryan » 16 May 2021, 19:08

Power supply issue is certainly possible - I think it's getting on for 2 years old now, although it wasn't used for it's first year and rarely hits it's supply limit.
It does have cooling but is in a warm place, idles around 48C.

It just seems suspect that it only happens on these large mkv downloads, and doesn't happen on the smaller multi-part rar splits of the mkv files - I rarely see anything needing a repair there and they all play as they should.

I'll try to install a seperate instance of NZBGet and see how that goes - will try both the 21.0 stable, and seperately try the testing release.

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