"Too many connections" issue

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"Too many connections" issue

Post by peejay1977 » 12 May 2021, 14:35

Hi all I know this topic has reared its head a few years ago but it didn't seem to match my circumstances exactly, or at least it didn't provide insight into exactly why its happening. I'm pretty sure it's not actually NZBGet that is the issue but here's my circumstances.

NZBGet has been running quite happily for well over 3 years on my little Synology DS415play pointing at both Newshosting (30 connections) and also Usenetbucket (10 connections) with little to no issues to speak of.

The DS decided to spectacularly fail recently and I have now replaced it with a newer DS418 and setup everything again from scratch as I prefer to do that than restore configs.

Unfortunately I'm getting alot of this in the log (I've selected a few lines from the log to illustrate)

Code: Select all

Wed May 12 12:30:39 2021	ERROR	Could not read from TLS-Socket: Connection closed by remote host
Wed May 12 12:31:41 2021	ERROR	Authorization for Newshosting (news.newshosting.com) failed: 502 Too many connections.
Wed May 12 12:31:42 2021	WARNING	Blocking Newshosting (news.newshosting.com) for 10 sec
Wed May 12 12:35:21 2021	ERROR	Authorization for UsenetBucket (reader.usenetbucket.com) failed: 502 Hit Connection Limit, maximum of 10 allowed
What muddies the water more is that during the period that the old DS went offline and the new one arrived and I got it configured I've also moved from ADSL over to full fibre so I also upgraded my Newshosting subscription to allow 60 connections.

Any ideas why I'm getting this? I have lowered the connections for Newshosting down to 40 and still get the issue and if I lower the Usenetbucket ones to 5 I still (very occasionally) get it. Is it likely to be my ISP? Router and home network is all the same. I also do not have these servers setup anywhere else.

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Re: "Too many connections" issue

Post by hugbug » 12 May 2021, 15:52

When’s a connection issue occurs (message "Could not read from TLS-Socket: Connection closed by remote host") NZBGet connects again. If the server hasn't closed the connection as well it may still count this connection as active for some time.

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