Question about running unrar at a lower priority

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Question about running unrar at a lower priority

Post by seannymurrs » 13 Jul 2021, 14:22

I currently have NZBGet installed on a seedbox that is also running Radarr/Sonarr as well as my PleX server. I've noticed that, when NZBGet is unpacking, basically everything else running on the seedbox grinds to a halt. The webUIs for Radarr/Sonarr don't want to load, and playback of something through PleX is next to impossible. I'm hoping that configuring NZBGet to run unrar at a lower priority (using the suggested command in the NZBGet settings menu) will help alleviate some of this. I assume a side effect of running unrar at a lower priority is things like unpacking will take longer. Will this be the case if I'm not doing anything else on the server at the time? I'm not sure exactly how the priority system works here, so I'm not sure if it will just slow things down if the server is busy doing other stuff, or if it will cause unpacking to always take a bit longer. I was hoping someone here might be able to answer this. I know I can run some tests to find out, but I thought maybe someone here might already have the information I was looking for. Thanks in advance!

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Re: Question about running unrar at a lower priority

Post by owine » 14 Jul 2021, 15:10

See #3 in here:

Are you running on HDDs or SSD/NVMe drives? HDDs just can't keep up sometimes.

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