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[SOLVED] HEVC episode download rate slows down

Posted: 02 Aug 2021, 13:18
by ryan

Downloading some HEVC versions of episodes, and download rate slows to less than about 2 MB/sec (though mostly around 1 MB/sec).
If I download a non-HEVC episode it's anywhere between 15 and 35 MB/sec (almost maxes out my connection).

As far as I can tell, there's nothing unusual about the HEVC release - there's rar files, roughly 14MB in size each, made up of around 20 articles each file. Some articles fail so some repairing is needed, but many are successful and repairing/extracting doesn't seem to make a difference.
I've tried DirectWrite on/off, DirectUnpack on/off, DirectRename on/off, but those don't seem to make a difference.
Even if there's no repairing/checking/extracting happening and it's just downloading, it still slows to the less than 2 MB/sec download rate.

Any ideas what I can check for?

Re: [SOLVED] HEVC episode download rate slows down

Posted: 02 Aug 2021, 14:34
by ryan
I'm calling this Solved.
I decided to subscribe to a backup server I haven't used for a while.
Enabled it in NZBGet, and download speeds picked up straight away.
Disabled my main servers and download speed picked up a little more (because it was no longer failing to download some articles on the first attempt).

Still odd that it was just happening on these HEVC versions of these episodes, but I guess that server is just having issues with them right now (they're not exactly old, probably less than 2 months old).